Take Action

Just choose one of these simple steps to make a difference. When you’ve done it, choose another…

Cut Down Your Waste

  • Stop Junk Mail!
    Send your name and address with a request to be removed from junk mailing lists to: The Mailing Preference Service, Freepost 22, London W1E 7EZ.
    Remember to shred any junk mail that contains any personal information.
  • Compost your kitchen waste.
    At least 25% of household waste can be composted, and it’s great for the garden.

    Compost bins are supplied by North Somerset Council – phone 01934 888888.

  • Reduce, reuse & recycle. For further information ask for the Recycling Handbook from North Somerset Council
    – phone 01934 888888.

Save Energy (and money)

  • Buy low energy lightbulbs. Each bulb can save you up to £70 over a typical lifetime of 8 years.
  • Carry out a home energy survey. Phone the Bristol Energy Advice Centre to get free, impartial advice on how to make your home more energy efficient. 0800 0284 885

Save Water

  • Adjust your toilet cistern. Put a plastic bottle in your cistern so that it uses less water or
    phone Bristol Water for a free “Hippo”.
  • Find out if a water meter would save you money.
  • Bristol Water customers can also get a free household water audit: 0345 300600.

Use your Car Wisely

  • Carry out regular maintenance. Save up to 10% in fuel costs by regular tuning and checking the tyre pressure. Keeping the boot empty also helps.
  • Make one car journey less each week.
    Could you walk, cycle, carshare or use public transport instead?
    Traveline public transport info at www.traveline.org.uk, tel 0870 608 2 608.

Watch How You Shop

  • Buy Fairer Trade products These include chocolate, sugar, honey and footballs, as well as coffee and tea.
    The Fairer Trade Mark guarantees that a fair price has been paid to the producer.
  • Check how your money is invested. Your savings or pension fund can help support the things you believe in.
  • Buy local, organic produce.
    Phone for the North Somerset Food Directory (01934 888888) which lists organic and local producers in the area.
    Look out for the Soil Association symbol, which guarantees chemical-free produce.

Garden for Wildlife

  • Make a pond. Even the smallest container of water will attract wildlife. For advice on wildlife gardening, phone the Avon Wildlife Trust 0117 926 8018.

Get Involved

  • Come along to our meetings!
    The meetings are open to any person or group wishing to be involved in the process.
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