Pope Francis’ Statement May Give UK Green Party A Boost

With the elections today, should Pope Francis’ statement about the environment and Human Ecology state that Catholics live an environmentally conscious and conservative life, it may just tip over support for the UK Green Party.

It isn’t the first time the Catholic Church has spoken about environmental issues including protecting creation, ensuring the planet’s sustainability and improving living conditions. Previous Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II had also spoken about these.

Meanwhile, NCRonline.org has decided to recall the Pope’s November 2014 pontifical message to climate change in Peru. Here is an excerpt:

“In the first 12 days of December, the city of Lima and the people of Peru will have the honour of welcoming the 20th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the programme of which is to confirm the progress of the application of this legal instrument, of critical import at this moment in history.
Along with my greeting to you, Mr President, and to all the organizers and participants of this Conference, I would like to express my closeness and encouragement, that the work of these days may be accomplished with an open and generous spirit. That which you will discuss will have an impact on all of humanity, particularly the poorest and future generations. Moreover, it is a serious ethical and moral responsibility.
It is not without significance that the Conference is being held on the coast adjacent to the Humboldt Current, which joins the peoples of America, Oceania and Asia in a symbolic embrace and which plays a decisive role in the climate of the entire planet.

The consequences of environmental changes, which are already being dramatically felt in many countries, especially the insular states of the Pacific, remind us of the gravity of neglect and inaction. The time to find global solutions is running out. We can find appropriate solutions only if we act together and in agreement. There is therefore a clear, definitive and urgent ethical imperative to act.”
You can read the rest here

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