FAQ: Recycling Box (North Somerset)

Just how frequently is my recycling gathered?

Reusing is collected weekly. Find out your next collection dates. Kindly leave your recycling box on the side of your home nearest the roadway by 7am on your day of collection.


Exactly how do you collect my recycling?

Every family is given two reusing boxes other than flats or groups of properties that have common waste and also recycling locations. We motivate you to place your house number on your boxes to assist us determine it as well as return it to the correct residential property. We simply collect from our own containers. They suit on the side of collection automobile so the crew member has both hands to sort the recycling.

What materials can I put in my box?

In your reusing box you can place: aerosols; batteries; cardboard including corrugated, published as well as things like grain boxes or kitchen area roll tubes; cartons consisting of Tetrapaks; glass bottles as well as jars; steel consisting of aluminium lightweight aluminum foil, food and also drinks cans, covers from jars and also tin trays; smart phones; paper including covering paper as well as Yellow Pages; plastic – all kinds of firm white, tinted or opaque plastic product packaging, polyethylene terephthalate, high density polyethylene and polypropylene – but not black plastic of any type, or non-rigid expanded or foam types; spectacles; textiles including shoes tied in pairs, bed linens, drapes, liners, clothing or rugs and also towel.

I’ve simply relocated and also do not have a recycling box, where can I obtain one?

Demand a reusing box if you’re a new resident.

Is there a restriction to just how much recycling I can exclude for collection?

No, there is no limitation to the quantity of reusing you could leave out for collection.

I have too much recycling to suit in my box, what can I do?

Put each sort of material in a separate carrier bag close to your box, but kindly keep all glass inside the box to avoid it breaking.

Do I have to separate my reusing in the box?

We ask you to different materials in your recycling box due to the fact that:

  •  it assists staffs to collect things quicker – especially on busy roadways where the motor vehicles can induce congestion.
  • it lowers possibility of products spilling from the box, keeping your neighborhood cleaner.
  • it is more secure for our collectors due to the fact that they are less likely to hurt themselves on points like sharp tins.

You could use carrier bags to divide the materials by type, however please do not link the bags up – they are really tough to open with gloves on!

I consistently have a lot of reusing, can I have another box?

Yes, if you need to, request another recycling box.

My recycling box hasn’t been returned or is damaged, can I have one more one?

Yes, record that your reusing box is missing or damaged. You’ll need to position the broken bin outside your residential property for our staffs to gather and also you’ll receive a substitute within 4 weeks.

Suppose my reusing box is shed or taken?

Request a replacement reusing box. Staffs will aim to supply the substitute bin to your home within 4 weeks.

My recycling hasn’t been accumulated, will you come back for it?

If you believe your recycling should’ve been gathered yet it had not been, report a missed out on collection within 48 hrs of your collection scheduling and also we will return and collect it.

Will I be informed why my recycling had not been accumulated?

Crews ought to leave a tag on any sort of recycling box that couldn’t be gathered to explain why. For example: there was broken glass or there were materials in the box that we do not accumulate.

What plastic can’t be gathered?

We can’t accumulate difficult plastics (plumbing system pipes, containers, yard furniture, lunch time boxes, playthings, CD/DVD/video cases), electric conduit, reject sacks, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, drink straws and polystyrene. We likewise cannot gather black plastic considering that different the different kinds are arranged by sending out a light beam via each thing, as well as black containers soak up the headlight which stops the arranging equipment identifying what kind it is.

Can I have a lid for my box?

We do not provide lids for the reusing boxes considering that they cost virtually as much as the boxes, and also limit the amount of recycling that can be dropped in the box, yet you can making use of internet to cover your box as well as stop materials surprising. To purchase a net go to the Coral Products website. We cannot switch out shed, damaged or swiped webs.

I’m elderly or impaired and also struggle to put my reusing box out for collection, can I possess aid?

Yes, we could prepare for you to have a helped collection.

Occasionally I have a whole lot even more recycling, exists somewhere I can take care of it before my following collection date?

Yes, you could take it to your local recycling center.

How big are the recycling boxes?

The boxes are 39cm higher, 58.5 centimeters broad, 39cm deep.

Just what happens to the materials you accumulate?

  •  Paper is coagulated and turned back into the material which our regional as well as national papers are printed on. This entire procedure can take as little as one week.
  • Cardboard is used to make even more boxes, packing material and stationery.
  • Glass is washed as well as arranged in to its various shades as well as making used of to make brand-new containers and bottles.
  • Metals including steel and aluminium lightweight are developed into auto parts, fridges and also new tins and containers.
  • Garments and also textiles are either sent for re-use, or made into cloths.



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