What is TENONS and Local Agenda 21? 

Local Agenda 21 is an action plan, agreed by the many Governments present at the Earth Summit Conference held in Rio 1992. The purpose of the Action Plan is to work towards a future where our way of life no longer leads to a deteriorating world environment. This goal was described as “sustainable development”.

The definition of sustainable development is: “Development which meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. (Brundtland 1987).

The mechanism by which Agenda 21 is to be implemented is through action by every level of society, but one of the main catalysts to achieve this is by Local Government, and in the United Kingdom this is known by the term Local Agenda 21.

What Has It Got To Do With North Somerset?

The North Somerset group has been in existence since January 1997. The principle aim of the group in that time has been to determine how Local Agenda 21 can be progressed in North Somerset. The following objectives have been agreed:

  • To start a debate in North Somerset to gain a consensus view on what a sustainable North Somerset will mean.
  • To determine areas of major environmental concern in the district and work with the relevant agencies to introduce positive steps to reduce the problem.
  • To encourage debate at a neighbourhood or village level to develop a consensus plan on moving towards a more sustainable community.
  • To encourage innovative ideas that will help achieve these goals.